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Dr. Sharon Venne, Lawyer

Sharon Venne speaks on Jurisdiction and Education

Sharon Venne – an accomplished First Nations Lawyer, she has worked on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples since the 70′s at the United Nations in Geneva and New York Topics include her work with the United Nations and some of the issues that are taking place at the UN right now. Also the work she does with First Nations communities on the implemention of their own legal systems and the difference between being recognized as ‘Peoples’ and not just ‘People’, which is a word that is used to refer to a minority and not what we as First Nations in Canada are working toward. ~ Nation Talk

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  1. If it was not for this woman, the decolonize north america group would not exist as one of the solutions for the nations and the citizens...

    Thank you Sharon!!

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  3. DR.Sharon,I am standing with you and the First Nations and all peoples as you go forward!

    Benjamin Issachar Cross
    (Ambassador of First Nations)


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