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Idle No More has a Spirit; therefore can never die!

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Past Idle No More Teach Ins & Rallies:

Saskatoon, SK November 10, 2012

Regina, SK (November 17, 0212)

Winnipeg, MB (November 19, 2012)

North Battleford, SK (November 18, 2012)

Prince Albert, SK (November 24, 2012)

Louis Bull First Nation, AB (December 2, 2012)

IDLE NO MORE - National Solidarity and Resurgence

Called on DECEMBER 10, 2012

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Edmonton, AB:

Marriott, BC

Piikani, AB

    Prince Albert, SK:

    Regina, SK:

    Saddle Lake Cree Nation, TR # 6 Territory:

    Saskatoon, SK:

    Toronto, ON:

    Vancouver, BC:

    Merritt, BC:

    Whitehorse, Yukon

    Winnipeg, MB:

    DECEMBER 17, 2012

    Enoch, AB

    Peacefully get together outside the ENOCH ARENA 1:00 - 2:00PM Monday

    Band Together with a Round Dance seeking answers from our Ancestors singing to them with our Pride.

    All invited, PLEASE show up to show your solidarity!

      DECEMBER 18, 2012

      Meadow Lake, SK

      DECEMBER 19, 2012

      Red Deer, AB

      London, ON and area

      DECEMBER 21, 2012

      Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

      San Francisco, CA, U.S.A

      Ottawa, ON

      Saskatoon, SK


      Millbrook First Nation, NS, U.S.A 

      • will be having a peaceful protest Friday link to be provided

    • Today at 12:00pm
      Canadian Consulate General, Minneapolis

    • Thursday

    • Thursday at 12:00pm
      Thompson, MB - Provincial Building 59 Elizabeth Drive

    • Thursday at 7:00pm.

    • Friday
      Consulate General of Canada - San Francisco

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 8:30am in UTC
      'Canada Gate' - Entrance to Green Park from The Mall

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 1:00pm in UTC-04

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 12:00pm in EST

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 10:30am in UTC-07
      START: Kinsman Park END: Sir Winston Churchill Square

    • Friday at 12:00pm
      Unknown location (Downtown somewhere), Will be announced closer to rally

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 11:00am in UTC-07
      Lloydminster City Hall

    • Friday at 12:00pm

    • Friday at 12:00pm
      Angus Street & 5th Ave to The Saskatchewan Legislative Building

    • Friday at 12:00pm

    • Friday at 1:00pm
      Highway 10 file hills sk

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 12:00pm in UTC-07

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 12:00pm in UTC-08

    • Friday, December 21, 2012 at 12:00pm in PST
      550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor, Los Angeles California 90071

    • Saturday at 3:00pm

    • Idle No More hits the West Coast!!! Please share!!
      Friday, 21 Dec 2012, 7-9 pm ... Echo Field House ... Port Alberni
      Friday, 21 Dec 2012, 11 am ... Ucluelet Junction
      Dec 21st - Idle No More gathering at train station (Charles Hoey Park) in Duncan at 11 am, bring your drum & signs!
      Idle No More gathering at woodgrove foodcourt nanaimo at 4:30
      Idle No More gathering at Nanoose First Nation Community Hall 11AM

      flash mob at Victoria Bay Centre at NOON then Legislative buidlings at 1:00 in Vic

      DECEMBER 22, 2012

      Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 4:00pm in EST

      DECEMBER 23, 2012

      Vancouver, BC


      1. You've missed Saskatoon event page

        1. We have an event on Friday as well as a Facebook page that we would like added.




        2. We have an event and Facebook page we would like added.




        3. i'm still waiting for Somba K'e, Denendeh (Yellowknife, NT) and Vancouver BC December 21st to be put on the events page!

      2. We should get a National Skype Broadcast or streaming media coordinated? If anything have video collected so it can be edited and posted to youtube for social networks for all those that stay home that day and Wonder after, 'Whoa! What just happened on December 10th?'

      3. is there gonna be one in Lloydminster??

      4. NWT - Dene of Denendeh

        For Immediate Release
        [Sombah K’e, Denendeh] - The Concerned Dene of Denendeh stand in solidarity with other First Nations, non-status Indians, Metis, Inuit and settler Canadians who oppose the legislation the Harper Government has put forward in Bill C-45 and other bills.
        We stand on the path of our ancestors and hold strong to our Nation to Nation relationship through Treaties 8 and 11. The Dene have always been and continue to be a sovereign people. The unilateral passage of Bills C-45, C-27, S-2, S-6, S-8, C-428, S-207, S-212 was done without adequate and proper consultation with First Nations. These proposed changes are a violation of our Treaty Rights. The passage of these Bills is another colonial act that speaks to a small segment of society. Changes to any legislation must be conducted in the spirit and intent of our Treaties, with both Nations having equal say.
        This legislation represents another attempt by the Canadian state to undermine Indigenous sovereignty and the inherent right to land and resources from First Nations peoples. There are many examples of other countries moving towards sustainability, and we demand sustainable development as well. We believe in healthy, just, equitable and sustainable communities.
        We support #IdleNoMore and oppose the legislation the Harper Government has put forward. We call on the leaders of Denendeh to voice our concerns. We ask all the people of Denendeh to raise their own voices in unison.
        - 30 -
        Concerned Dene of Denendeh

      5. There's going to be a rally (protest) in Halifax and Sydney (NS) on December 14/12

        Not sure who's organizing it - but the call read:

        "Calling all Community Members, Singers, Dancers, Youth Groups, Student Councils, Chief and Councils, and all Aboriginal people of Mi'kma'ki to join together in Solidarity and have a peaceful protest in Halifax and Sydney on Friday, December 14th at 1pm!! We have to act now! For our children and their children!! Our voices are stronger as one. Event is open to everyone: Aboriginal as well as our non-Aboriginal friends and allies. (

        Halifax Location: We will start at St Mary's Basilica Church (on the Corner of Spring Garden and Barrington) and march down Barrington to the Grand Parade Square at 1 pm! (Treaty Day Route)

        Sydney Location: The Protest will be held at 15 Dorchester Street, Sydney (Federal Government Building) at 1 pm!

        Bring Your Signs And Flags.. Bill C-45 Affects Us All As Mi'kmaqs. OUR RIGHTS!! OUR TREATIES!! Everyone Encouraged and Welcome To Join!!"



      8. What about events in Thunder Bay, are there any?

      9. In Fredericton New Brunswick on Wednesday, December 19:

        Where: Old Burial Grounds to the Legislature
        When : 8AM
        Who: Everyone welcome
        Why: Canada is attempting to pass legislation that would alter treaties without the consent of the Indigenous Peoples.

        The first peaceful protest will start at the Old Burial Grounds next to the Lieutenant Governor's house (51 Woodstock Road). From there, we will march to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick at 706 Queen Street. We ask that everyone please be at the burial grounds for 8:00am. Bring your signs, flags, drums, voices. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to come!

      10. Rally in Owen Sound ONTARIO on the 21st..

      11. Idle No More Cranbrook will be unified and standing together for Indigenous Sovereignty and for all Canadians outside David Wilks MP (Conservative Office, Kootenay-Columbia Office located at 100 – B Cranbrook Street North (Downtown Cranbrook) on December 21, 2012 at 12:00pm. Please add on us on Facebook too! Everyone is welcome to join us!

      12. We had an Idle No More teach-in yesterday in Yukon. Will have another soon.

      13. Hello - My name is Chad Cowie - I am a member of the Anishinaabeg community of Hiawatha (near Peterborough Ontario). The area will also be having an #IdleNoMore Rally in Peterborough on December 19, 2012 (2:30pm - 4:30pm - with us meeting down the road from 2-230). We will be marching to CPC MP Dean Del Mastro's office to make our voices heard and to make sure those living on the treatied territory know where we stand - in unity with our Indigenous nations.


      15. hey home slice can you post in the events a sections for the Northwest Territories, in Yellowknife? Would be great and also will show that more are geting out there and being proactive to gain momentum to unite all! This event will take place this friday from 1-4pm with feed the fire ceremonies and drum songs.

        Here is the link:

      16. Aanii, boozhoo,
        Lynzii Taibossigai n'dizhnikaz. There is an #Idle No More event scheduled for Sudbury, Ontario on Friday Dec. 21st, at 10:30 am.
        Miigwech :)

      17. Red Rock Band will be holding a Peaceful Walk to show our Solidarity on August 21, 1pm at the "Crossroads of Canada" the Highway 11/17 junction about an hour east of Thunder Bay in between the town of Nipigon and Lake Helen Reserve. Other Local bands will also be appearing as well. Bring your posters and bannock!!

      18. Chilliwack, BC - EVERYONE WELCOME!
        Rally – Mark Strahl’s Constituency office
        Idle No More – Bill C-45 Unconstitutional
        December 21, 2012
        10:00 am - Bld #10 – 7201 Vedder Road
        Noon – March to Mark Strahl’s office

        Everyone One Welcome

        In 1969, the Liberal government of Canada under Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau brought out the “White Paper Policy,” and shared this with First Nations leadership. It was clear that the intent was to assimilate First Nations people. First Nations people responded with the “Red Paper Policy.” In 2012, we now have a Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which passed Bill C-45. This legislation included laws related to the Indian Act, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

        This massive legislation was passed with little time for debate in the House of Commons, undermining democratic principles. It is established jurisprudence that the Canadian government must consult with First Nations when it contemplates an action, which may impact land claims or established First Nation rights enshrined in the Constitution of Canada. This consultation must be meaningful, open and transparent. This has not taken place. On October 18, Bill C-45, Jobs and Growth Act, was tabled. On October 22, the chiefs received a letter from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, John Duncan, advising of these changes. There was no prior discussions or prior meetings.

        We the Stó:lõ people do not recognize Bill C-45 as legitimate legislation as it was passed in parliament without consultation with Aboriginal people and it impacts our inalienable Aboriginal Rights as recognized and affirmed in the Constitution of Canada. Therefore, it does not apply to our traditional territory. Particularly disturbing is that this legislation intends to greatly diminish the need to consider environmental impacts on First Nations water resources through changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act. The intent behind the legislation is the clear: to make it easier for pipeline and oil tanker projects that would destroy the river systems and marine environment that sustained us for thousands of years. We are here to protect our lands, our waters and our air. We join the growing number of Canadians who object to the Harper government’s undemocratic and illegitimate practices of passing massive omnibus legislation with minimal debate, and without appropriate consultation that weakens environmental protection and furthers the colonization, and assimilation of Aboriginal people and the elimination of Aboriginal rights and title.

      19. For the North Peace region of Northern BC:
        we will be having an information session and march in Fort St John starting at 10am in the 21st:!/events/492285850793858/

        And a round dance flashmob will be held in Dawson Creek at 6pm:!/events/463589093688657/

        A Northern BC fb page has been set up:!/IdleNoMoreNorthernBC

      20. In the Kitchener-Waterloo area don't miss out on the #idlenomore rally.

      21. Due to many suggestions of holding a flashmob at a venue that will put us more in the public eye, Winnipeg is having a SECOND round dance flash mob at Polo Park Mall at 7 pm, on Dec 22, just hours after the Portage Place one at 3 pm. Here's the Polo Park flash mob FB event page:

      22. Hello everyone,

        My name is Robert Bastien and I am member of the Huron-Wendat community near Quebec City.

        We'll be having a protest in Quebec City tomorrow (21st of December) in front of the CBC studio starting at 12 pm


      24. Is there one in Brandon, Mb? If so, when is it and where?

      25. I just heard word of a flashmob in seattle?? Next week? Is it a round dance?

      26. There is one in pentiction BC tomorrow as well! Here is the callout... I have not seen a facebook page...

        Bill C-45 is an omnibus bill that was passed by the Senate on December 14th by a vote of 50-27 and is about to become law. It contains 60 bills in it and should have been split up. It will affect the treaties and the ability for the people on the treaty territories to make decisions in regards to land, resources and minerals. There was no consultation with the aboriginal community by the federal government about this bill. This rally is organized by Idle No More, an aboriginal rights movement that has spread across Canada. The rally is being held in Penticton on Friday, December 21st.
        Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and His wife Joan Phillip are the spokespeople and contacts for IDLE NO MORE

        * This is a PEACEFUL demonstration to support the call to action across Turtle island - all we ask is that you show up.

        * Bring your hand drum, bring your songs, bring your prayers.

        * If you so desire make a sign stating your displeasure with Bill C-45.

        * Take some time to read some of the posts and familiarize yourself with the issues we are protesting against.

        Here is what we have come up with to date:


        Bring your hand drums , your voice , prayer.


        GYRO PARK- Corner of Main Street and Lakeshore Drive, Penticton

        10:00 a.m. Opening Prayer
        Opening remarks
        Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
        Ellen Simmons - IRF Project Manager Locatee Lands
        Suzy Anderson-Reading Peace Planet Proclamation

        11:00 a.m. - Peaceful March
        Following the songs and prayers, drummers will lead a march from Gyro Park to Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Office and/ or courthouse for speeches and an information distribution - regarding BILL C-45

        11:45 a.m.Closing remarks, prayer and closing song

        12:00 p.m. ~Make way to Cherry Lane Mall, 230-2111, Main Street, Penticton, B.C. (Permission has been granted by administration.)
        ~Meet at the Food Court, South Entrance. Parking is in the South-east corner lot

        12:15 p.m. ~Flash Mob, Drumming and Singing Cherry Lane Mall

        Drummers will assemble starting along the east side walkway (aisle), starting north of the Chess Pit.

        There has been a question about what to wear. We don't want to dictate what people wear and we don't want to limit them either so wear whatever it is that you want to wear!

        So wear your everyday clothes... or if you would like: wear your ribbon shirts, dresses/ skirts, powwow regalia.


        Sunday Dec 23 @ 2:00pm

        Pioneer Place Mall
        700 SW 5TH AVE
        PORTLAND, OR 97204

      28. I am an immigrant to Canada. I was born In England and my parents brought me to this land when I was three years old. I want to thank you for sharing Turtle Island with me. Never let anyone tell you that the average middle aged white man does not stand in solidarity with the First Nations of this land. I have educated myself about the history of this land. I know all about colonialism, land theft, broken treaties, murder/attempted genocide, attempted cultural and spiritual genocide, and the residential school system. I am with you 100% in your struggle for self-determination and justice. This Government will not listen unless we all make a LOT of noise.

        Spencer Spratley
        Mississauga, Ontario

      29. we in dauphin starting at the court hous marching to the post office and then ending with a round dance at tha mall today at noon

      30. Idle no more rallies in louisiana?

      31. I am Ojibwe, from the USA...found this online...I am heading over there tomorrow to take pics.

        Flashmob rounddance - Dec 24th
        Last Updated by tim 9 hours ago
        Flashmob Rounddance Calling all singers! And Dancers! Flash mob round dance to take place at 2pm ( no ndn time please) in walmart parking lot! Please assemble at 1:45 pm between entrances (fire lane) Photographers are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to make signs. Bring your handdrum, songs, flags, posters/signs. Tribal leaders send your tribal flag and your royality. This is NOT a protest but a sign of solidarity for our relatives in Canada and support for Chief Theresa Spence.

      32. here is the google map site where I found the info I just posted:

      33. what about the the border closures happening on January 5th? there are ones going on at the peace arch in Vancouver, Sarnia,Internation Falls in Minnesota and more to come.

      34. Boxing day flash mob at WEM Edmonton #yeg Round 2

        event page:

        Help us spread the word, please!


      35. here is a link to pics from the Idle No More in Ashland, WI

      36. fyi...

        SAT Dec, 29 2012 - IDLE NO MORE flashmob Denver

        Please come, start your own flashmob and/or spread this around the world. 2013- Year of the First Nations!

      37. Events in the US are not being publicized here. As we direct reporters to this site, I think it would be useful for them to see the viral nature of this movement; it is moving beyond on the Canadian borders. If I post events in the US will you include them? Thank you for this incredible blog thank you for creating it!

      38. Dear individuals behind Idle No More,

        I am in Canada just for while; however, I try to learn much as I can about the aboriginal live and issues. I would like to express here my deep support for this movement. I work in international humanitarian aid and development and I believe some of the issues inside Canada would certainly need much more attention than they get. It is a shame that we all are well aware of so many world's issues sometimes with huge publicity, and issues in our own country and sometimes even in our neighbourhood, are hidden to us, simply we want to see them.I believe unified movement can open the public eyes and start discussions.

        You have my support. But please if you want to get support of majority Canadian public, please don't build this movement on hate, quilt and colonialism. We need look for issues which connect people across Canada.

        Jakub Nemec

        1. Would you hate being quilted into one place and colonized into poverty? If this is your first visit were you first taken to a reserve so you could greet the ambassadors of this country? 41 yrs of oppression is kinda hard to take peacefully, hard to connect with your oppressors. The majority of Canada is in the same boat as us except that as the sovereigns of this land we deserve at least some semblance of decency. I hope you have a good visit. Hug a native. Derek

      39. Idle No More Moncton Round Dance - Champlain Place, 577 Paul Street, Moncton, Thursday, December 27th @ 5:00 p.m.

      40. The Flash Mob Round Dance Group in Moncton, New Brunswick Changed It's Time from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., at the Champlain Place Food Court, due to a Winter Storm of 35+ cms.

      41. I would like to call all nations to protest on Jan 05, That means a "GLOBAL" Protest Shut dow "ALL"Major hubs of transportation aruond the world to show solidarity in our movement and in this time of global upheaval it is most imperitive that we show the world, that the governments are ther for US! not the other way around! REMEMBER that's why they are called"PUBLIC SERVANTS" that inculdes the POLICE and MILITARY!

      42. (Syracuse, NY)


      44. I don't have Facebook...When is the next protest/march/gathering in Toronto?

      45. Just heard there is a gathering at 2 pm at the Eaton Centre, Sunday, Dec 30. Meeting at the centre fountain in the mall, lower level

      46. anything in Nova Scotia?

      47. Glad I found this, thanks! I worry that this movement is too dependent on social media (a useful tool, but FB cannot be the ONLY way we communicate/mobilize!!) Today (Dec 31st) there are 3 events in Winnipeg Manitoba!

        1)For Settlers wanting to demonstrate solidarity with Idle No More: 12:00 p.m. join in sign making, idea sharing, co-learning, and possible future supportive action planning. @ the Atomic Centre (167 Logan). Please bring any supplies you may have to share and/or your lunch/snacks. We will walk together to the Round Dance flash mob at Portage and Main.

        2)3pm Flash Round Dance @ Portage Ave and Main Street.

        3)Idle No More Teach-In Feast and FUNdraiser Gala
        Monday December 31 from 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
        Thunderbird House – 715 Main Street

        Warm up, share food and learn from one another after the Round Dance at Portage and Main! POTLUCK Feast at 5pm, Speakers start at 6pm – 8pm
        Find out more here:

        Love, Kelsey--a feminist Metis woman living on treaty 1 territory & traditional Metis homelands.

      48. IDLE NO MORE Porthill / Rykerts solidarity gathering.
        Public · By Joy Bartlett
        Saturday, 5 January 2013
        14:00 - 16:00

        Rykerts/Porthill border crossing

        Gathering at the Porthill/Rykerts border crossing in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and the Idle no More movement . We are planning this a little last minute, so more information will be forthcoming, if anyone has ideas for speakers, food, and/or music we are working on providing all! Please come out and show your support !

        or Contact for more info.

      49. I totally support this movement! Bill C-45 is just a bunch of trash that the government wants to try to enforce for no good reason! They are damaging our ways; our history; Our rights; the land and the water; food and the animals! Why this Bill? There are still reserves that don't have clean drinking water and lacking access to needed services! I am a First Nation myself and I do not like what the government is doing! It's time to get rid of Harper and his party and get the NDP to take over! Why is the Government trying to go against a 100 year-old treaty; stick with it! This government needs to quit selling our oil and resources to foreign countries! Keep up the Protest! In Solidarity;Vancouver;BC


      Thank you for your comment and please help spread the word, the time is NOW!