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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Steps Forward...

Now that we've been instilled with renewed pride and unity, it’s time to focus as communities and nations to hear and feel what is needed.

There have already been a great number of valuable insights and now it is time to begin the real work. There have been calls for boycotts, calls to cease talk and negotiations regarding impacts on land and environment, talk on acts of cultural resurgence; reclamation of sacred sites and traditional lands and educational forums on Treaties and Indigenous laws.

Together in a unified way we must come to a consensus with the direction of our Elders, knowledge keepers, brothers and sisters as to which is the best form of action as they relate to our own communities.

We have the ability to have a nationwide teleconference to also voice these ideas to share best practices, knowledge and resources.

Recommended Steps:

Meet with your community.  Choose a designated "runner" to bring these messages to the national forum. IDM will help coordinate and facilitate these meetings and provide a template to work from if requested.

The designated "runners" will be part of the panel for the national teleconference which will share your communities response.  ***The national conference will be available for everyone to listen and call or chat live.

As a Nation we will all begin implementation of community and nations resurgence.



  1. Tansi everyone.

    Great idea.

    I still have concerns over safer space and addressing the oppressions that abound within us all. I have posted to the page here and on many a facebook page. Why is this being ignored? How do we move forward when we cannot even acknowledge this very important FACT of colonization?

    Lets continue to acknowledge, communicate and move forward = TOGETHER.

    hiy hiy
    Tami Starlight
    (sse name for link)

  2. Here in Arizona we are trying to get something started. We want to plan something big for ASU welcome back week. If you can help me out with a template and any material I would really appreciate that. My email is

  3. Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery International Conference

  4. Idle No More Lorena :)

  5. Calgary Idle No More Next Steps
    Calling all First Nations, Grassroots, Idle No More and Supporters of Calgary Urban area.
    This page has been created as the official panel/page for Calgary Urban First Nations and our supporters to work in unison with Idle No More national forum.

  6. Lets keep it simple. If we are already doing what needs to be done in international court, what is the ground level action now to support this movement?

    I suggest having national coordinated events at one time, across the country. Prayers & meditations at one time nationally. Large protest`s in the capital & outside parliament. Getting our brothers & sisters in Usa to coordinate at the same time in USA also. Calling out to all Canadians to join in support in the streets. Asking Canadians to call their senators in every location & speak to them to take action now.

    This requires extraordinary support from all to go anywhere. Its time we plan big for every event & solicit both the spirits & all citizens for support. Lets do it!!

  7. What is the action plan for global citizens abroad, how can we help?

  8. Good morning earth ppl, and there's vehicles load of Innu women are coming from Uashat mak Maliotenam (Sept Iles Qc) to Ottawa sometime tomorrow afternoon to support the Chief Theresa Spence hungar strike, and to support and participate protest for "Idle No More" on Saturday's demonstration at the Parliament, and they're need assistance to have a place to stay for a few nights, and one of the Innu woman (Magalie Michel) said, I coded; "Now on the road towards Ottawa will see the Chief Theresa Spence to support her,.......I can not wait to see this woman".


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