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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Letter to Govenor General from Treaty

Govenor General Of Canada
Rideau Hall,
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A1
Phone 613-993-8200
Toll-free (Canada

kitatâmiskatin Governor General

Indigenous sovereignty exists in this land for time immemorial. This sovereignty was affirmed by the British sovereign in 1763 who then declared that no land dealings could be made except through the sovereigns. Treaties between sovereign nations, Indigenous and British, were agreed to in sacred ceremonies to allow for peaceful coexistence between peoples in these territories.

As an Indigenous Person, Treaty number _______I reject the Canadian Government's efforts to violate these sacred sovereign Treaties. I do not recognize a political state's rights to unilaterally alter the nature of sovereign relations through domestic legislation. The Crown is not divisible. These Treaties were made in the presence of Creator. Successive international agencies and the courts in Canada have ruled that free, prior and informed consent is required, and the honour of the Crown must be upheld.

The Governor General is duty bound to reject Bill C-45.

In everything we do, we must consider the spiritual dimension. We must consider how we will explain this to Creator, to our ancestors, to the ones who will come after us.

ekosi pitima


  1. ...........................................................

    The Queen's Son Charles wants this to happen. He said so.

    He wants to CONVENE. He recognizes himself as the Chief Convener.

    He wants indiginous Peoples Rights and Treaties to be recognized.

    He cares deeply about the land and the water. He wants to stop the

    violation, repair the damage and protect Earth for future generations.

    The Lakebeds and Riverbeds were never ceded. He knows it.

    He is the Future King and Head of the Crown and has the power.

    Does anyone know and understand Indiginous Law better

    than Dr John Borrows at U Minnesota? How can these two men

    meet to take the first step to change and do it right this time?

    The Governor General already stepped back. He showed he is

    the servant of the government by what he said which is wrong.

    The Future King is the decider, NOT this government in Canada.


    1. Actually the crown has no real power anymore, so actually the decider is the government of canada, as chosen by the people of canada.


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