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Monday, December 31, 2012

Face and Leaders of Idle No More is the Grassroots People


The Founders and many of the organizers of Idle No More from Across Canada have been given word that the Leadership is calling for action in the name of Idle No More. 
They have also stated in a press release that they have met with Idle No More representatives that support this call. We would like to state that this is FALSE. 

The Chiefs have called for action and anyone who chooses can join with them, however this is not part of the Idle No More movement as the vision of this grassroots movement does not coincide with the visions of the Leadership. While we appreciate the individual support we have received from Chiefs and councelors, we have been given a clear mandate by the grassroots to work outside of the systems of government and that is what we will continue to do. We are not trying to have division amongst this movement! However Chief Nepinak stated, "we are behind the grassroots people". Please let others know!!!!
INM Rally & Round Dance
in Vancouver, BC

I would also like to add, the face of the Idle No More people are you and I. The people who walk turtle island and the people who walk on this earth.

Dec 10, 2012 INM at Buckingham Palace, London, UK

Idle No More began on November 10th, 2012 at Stations 20 West, Saskatoon, SK. The early stages of the movement consisted of 5 rallies before our National Day of Action on December 10th. 

Chief Spence decided she would fast on that day as part of her action to support the Idle No More movement. It is very important this history is known. We are very greatful for Theresa Spences honourable and courageous support, we also need to remember the face of Idle No More is also the grassroots people.

7th Generation
There have been talks of getting leaders to lead, however, we are the leaders!!! Remember that!!!!

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  1. The statement is a little confusing because this is in reference to things that are taking place in the background that most people are not aware of. And this is trying to avoid divisions but sounds divisive and I know that is not your intention.

    If the message is:
    There have been talks of getting leaders to lead, however, we are the leaders!!! Remember that!!!! [if the intention is to not let anyone hijack this movement and to prevent infighting, then this is great.]

    If that is the message great. We are then clear. We who are participating in supporting the protests against Bill C-45 are focused on the genocidal aspects of this and what it means to the rest of our people throughout the our continent. This evil of ongoing colonialism is taking place in all parts of our continent, affecting all of our people.

    Perhaps a redraft of this statement is in order.

    Supporting the goals of Idle No More
    Mexica Movement
    Los Angeles, California

    1. I agree, it seems that the whole process (to me)of Idle no more is to rise up and bring light to the overbearing legislative effect of Bill C-45, yet the movement has evolved to include human rights abuses of the Canadian Government toward Aboriginal people. A movement without leadership, communcated goals and objectives will not maintain the pace. I think that chief's and trusted respresentatives do need to identify and communicate the concerns of their people and be guided by their visions. These issues need to be verabalized to the Government and Canadian people. Chief Neepinak, seems a very articulate spokesperson and I think that he could respresent the meanings, historical facts, and issues behind these rallies, related to present day legislation and history of the Aborignal relationship with Canada. The forum in this case is the Idle no more movement. I think that the Idle no more movement requires more support for our leadership and for us to communicate with "one" voice. Idle no more has evoled into a social movement and with the many 'acute' realities on First Nations, I think that it is going to be crucial that some leadership "with a face" communicates the desired values and ethics that the organizers hope to maintain with these demonstrations.

  2. once i was dumb
    because i was too scared to think
    once i was silent
    because i was afraid to speak
    once i was deaf
    for i did not want to hear

    once i was asleep
    because it was easier that way
    once i was comfortable in my box
    because i felt safe and secure within
    once i was caged
    then i broke free and no longer idle
    i am idle no more
    and i must act...

  3. Interesting blog from a person on the CN viaRail:

  4. RE the occupation governments of Turtle Island, they have made many promises but kept only one. They promised to take our country and they did. Do not accept any promises the give for they are false. We have to negotiate as Harper broke any treaty's that existed. Always remember a white politition speaks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and does not say anything

  5. Inspirational words from the late Russell Means: "I don’t want to be remembered as an activist. I want to be remembered as an American Indian patriot.”


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