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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Humble Request From A Tired Old Warrior

Jessica Gordon posted on Idle No More - Edmonton Facebook Event Page:

Please Read and share with your people. This was sent to me from a dear friend.

"This is a humble request from a tired old warrior from the Canoe Lake Cree Nation(s). 
To all Pipe Carriers, Sweat Lodge Operators, Keepers of Medicine Bundles and People gifted with various ceremonies. Oskapisak, please have sacred fires burning from sunset to sunrise on the day before the 10th of December and the day before the 21st of December/12. I'm asking for "Prayers" for the Young Women and Men (Idle No More) who have worked tirelessly in opposing the various bills affecting our treaties and "Mother Earth" and the various gift from the Creator, that have sustained us from the beginning of time. This we do for our Children, GrandChildren and Children, not yet born. We call ourselves, warriors, are we willing to give up our lives for Mother Earth and Future Generations. I do this with a heavy heart and have broken down and cried and apologized for not haven't done enough for Mother Earth and the Children not born.

We are going to do a pipe ceremony on the eve of the 20th/12 and have a Sacred Fire burning till sunrise on the day of the rally in Ottawa on the 21st of Dec/12 in support of the Young Women and Men of Idle no More. I would like so much to be with you in Ottawa, but due to circumstances, I'm unable. Get this request out there using any media available. Send it right across Turtle Island, to our Sisters and Brothers south of us and all of our supporters. Let me at this time, Thank you all for all you have done, stay strong.

Viva "Mother Earth""


  1. Come and check my Photography Site...It's about my Traditional Territory and my background as a Pipe Carriers son...I learned off my Elder Dad and Elder Mother.

    check out 500px under: Robert Assinewe

  2. I will pray with the Pipe for the Sacred Mother & her childernon this day, perhaps I will be able to have a Sweat ceremony also. I am alone, but will try to keep the Sacred Fire going also.


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